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I’m Kent Paul

Mr. Colorado / America’s #1 Health Coach

 Nutrition and Fitness System With Anti Aging

Nutrition – Exercise – HGH Gel

Personal And Private Health Coaching

I love working ONE ON ONE to customize a private Nutrition, Fitness and Life Design plan with Daily Coaching, Motivation and Accountability.

Online Weight Loss Programs

I have created over 100 Personal Training Videos, 100 Motivational Videos, Food Plans, Journals, Manuals, 90 hours of Motivational Audios and much more for you to transform your life at a very affordable price.


Somaderm (HGH GEL) is homeopathic that is FDA registered and monitored in a lab in IOWA. This gel has 50,000 testimonials on their Facebook pages and has no side effects. Sleep, fat loss, joint pain, eye site, skin, wrinkles, immunes system etc. THE FOUTAIN OF YOUTH

Who is Kent Paul?

Kent is the #1 Health Coach in America by coaching over 10,000 people and helping over 16 Million people through TV, Radio and Press in 22 years.

Who has Kent coached?

Kent has thousands of success stories, here are some testimonials that will inspire you.

Have Kent come to your business

Kent is a professional Motivational Fitness Speaker, talk show host and featured on local and national TV shows as the leading expert in health, fitness and motivation

Power From Pain (Kent's Book)

7 steps to turn your Pain into your POWER – Learn how Kent did it

What Is Private Health Coaching?

Kent begins with a private conversation to explore and discover the strengths and weaknesses in your life. What is your goals and what changes need to take place to achieve those goals. He will create a custom daily plan that will include a new morning routine to create a positive mindset, food plan, exercise plan and a full schedule system to ensure you thrive in all areas of your life while getting fit and healthy. Kent will connect with you everyday to motivate you and for accountability. He is the coach but the “we” is the team. Step by step – one day at a time. Success is guaranteed with Master Coach, Kent Paul.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching is for the person that is tired of living life as the statuesque. Are you tired of being sick and tired? Low energy, low self esteem, poor self image, tired of being the fattest one of all your friends? Coaching is for you. Do you want to get fit and healthy but just don’t know how to? Coaching is for you. Do you want to feel sexy but you just don’t have the motivation? Coaching is for you. Are you a successful business person with great success but lost your body along the way? Coaching is for you. Coaching is for that special person that demands the best for their life and sees life being short -so live life as a true Champion. Yes, Coaching is for you.

What is The Private Coaching Process Like?

After you have the first private conversation (phone, skype, FaceTime or live in person), Kent will create your custom program that will fulfill all your needs to reach the goals that you both set together. He will send you the complete program with a follow-up conversation to answer all questions. You will record your daily action plan in a journal and report it to Kent on a daily or weekly basis depending on what package you choose. He will make constant adjustments to fine tune your lifestyle and challenges to reach the weekly goals. Results Guaranteed or your money back.

What is The Online Weight Loss Process Like?

Click the tab at top of webpage to choose the best package for you. The choices are “Standard”, “Premium” and “Premium Plus”. Depending on what package you choose, you will have access (username and password to sign in as a member) to up to 10 modules that will give you general tools, techniques, personal training videos, food plans, coaching videos, motivational videos, journals, educational manual, audio series, online weekly support and more. These modules are designed to transform you into a lean, healthy and strong man or woman. There is no private coaching in these options.

Food Plans

Daily Food plans with food exchange forms to give daily variety. Depending on the package you choose, you will receive a new food plan daily, weekly or monthly to keep you metabolism increasing through Dietary Induced Thermogenesis (DIT). 

Kinetic Focal Point Exercise Training System

100 Personal Training Videos to watch on your phone anywhere in the world – In your home and your gym. PHASE 1 and PHASE 2. Phase 1 can be used in home or in gym. Phase 2 is for gym use only.

Kent has created a very unique way to isolate the muscle by using “Kinetic Focal Point Movements” By using push/pull points on the body you can isolate the muscle without putting stress on joints and connective tissue which can alleviate injuries and create the fastest results humanly possible.


Nutition and Exercise Journal

This journal will help you become organized, motivated, rewarding, accountable and aware of everything you are doing to change habits for your FITNESS SUCCESS.

Nutrition and Exercise Education Manual

This 42 page downloaded manual will give you extreme education on the science of nutrition, mental and emotional fitness tools metabolism, hormonal balance of foods, seasonings, condiments, anatomy charts, body fat chart and much much more

100 Motivational Video Series

Science of Exercises, cooking tips, metabolism tips, tricks to transform your body fast, challenges, mental and emotional tips to overcome negative thinking, mastermind processes and much more..

Over 100 videos that will inspire you, motivate you, educate you and even make you laugh.

Life And Addiction Recovery Audio Series (Live Radio Shows)

Kent was the Host of MY RECOVERY RADIO on WFTL AM850 out of West Palm Beach, FL. The show was heard in 21 countries. This audio series is the recorded shows that help change the lives of millions. If you struggle with any kind of addiction, abuse, depression, anxiety, negative thinking or if you love someone that suffers from these things, then you will enjoy this series. Recovery Is Real.



Life Coaching Series

Kent is also an International Certified Master Life Coach. He has been on the edge of suicide after a car accident, broken neck and substance addiction. Kent had to reinvent his entire life from scratch which led him for a new found love for all people that suffer with mental, emotional and physical issues.  Topics include : Finding your passion and purpose, power of gratitude, goal setting, power of visualization, turning negative thinking into positive outcomes and much more.

Nutrition and Fitness Audio Series (Live Radio Shows)

Kent was also the Host of TURBO FIT RADIO on KHOW AM 630 (Clear Channel) in Denver,CO. He shares the secrets to fitness and nutrition that has changed over 10,000 lives all around the world. This will change your life as well. Enjoy


Daily Motivational Quote Series

You will receive daily inspirational quotes that will put you into a positive and loving mindset to overcome negative doubt and help you have unstoppable power to achieve your daily goals.

Online Daily and Weekly Support

You will have access to Kent’s business page to ask questions about your program, celebrate your results or talk with others for motivation and support.

Unlimited PRIVATE Coaching Package


Up to 1 Hour Personal and Private Coaching Sessions Per Day for accountability, motivation  and daily goal revue.

Nutrition Programs
Nutrition and Exercise Manual
Food and Exercise Journal
Motivational Daily Quotes System
Motivational Fitness Video Series
Life and Recovery Audio Series
Life Coaching Video Series
Fitness/Exercise Video System Phase 1 and 2
Day By Day Exercise Plan
Nutrition and Fitness Audio Series
Weekly Online Support – Email Video Motivation From Kent Paul
Monthly LIVE Webinar Q&A From Kent Paul

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$2,997 (non refundable unless 90 day goal was not met – client must follow plan 100% for refund plus $500)

About Me

I am a man that has been on top of the mountain in life, shattered in the depths of darkness and transformed into a man full of passion, compassion, understanding, love, judgement – free, wisdom, and a new purpose in life to help others. POWER FROM PAIN. Let me share my experience, tools, wisdom, techniques, systems, motivation and love with you. I am here to help turn your pain into your UNSTOPPABLE POWER. Lets walk this new journey of fitness together. Amen


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