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Power From Pain – 7 Steps to Power:

The Rise and Fall of Mr. Colorado

by Kent Paul

Read for yourself the harrowing details of my personal trek climbing to the “top of the mountain” to me falling into the abyss of addiction and my ultimate sink into attempted suicide. Growing up in the idyllic setting of my childhood, this was never anything I imagined for myself.  However, I have learned first hand that even I, at my lowest low, could RISE up from the depths of despair to become a renewed man full of PASSION – PURPOSE – POWER with a deep sense of love and compassion for people.

As humbling as it is, sometimes we have to fall to fully rise up, and even the tiniest glimmer of light can come out of our darkness to ultimately shine the brightest.

Along with my own personal account of my journey from the top to the bottom, I’ve also included other bonus stories from Bobbi C. and Emily S.  Power from Pain is being shared nationally in prisons, drug and alcohol rehab centers, and schools. If you know of an organization who would benefit from my message and keynote speech, please contact  me. I will greatly appreciate it.

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