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“Sugar – The Silent Killer” by Kent Paul

• Why is Sugar the silent killer?
1. Most every human being loves the taste
2. It releases pleasure hormones in the brain
3. After eating sugar a crash can happen craving more (addictive)
4. It’s a vicious deadly cycle

• Solutions:
1. Choose smart carbs for best time of day (Bell curve metabolism)
2. Eat protein every meal – never carbs alone – never simple sugar alone
3. Eat fiber with every meal (5 grams) or 20 grams per day. Reason is……
4. Sources are: Multi grain breads, bagels, pasta. Brown rice, Oatmeal. Broccoli,
Spinach, all dark leafy greens, black beans, kidney beans, apples, berries,
Pears, mangos, almonds, and flaxseed.
5. Do not eat late at night (past 830 pm)
6. Eat low carbs after 3pm
7. Ovoid Drinking sugar calories (including fruit juices)
8. Look for Sugar Free deserts/snacks

• Help Your Children
1. Make your kids eat Breakfast – eggs, cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, fiber cereals, turkey bacon
2. Get involved in their exercise routine/habit. Sports, clubs, games, friends. Etc….

“Sugar – The Silent Killer”

Sugar Can:
1. Spikes Insulin (Hormone that causes weight gain leading to obesity)
2. Lowers Insulin sensitivity
3. Increase blood pressure
4. Can affect absorption of protein
5. Causes water retention (bloating)
6. Makes tendons more brittle
7. Can cause learning disorder in children
8. Can lead to depression
9. Lowers Immune System
10. Impairs body defense to fight off disease
11. Allows mutation of body cells
12. Disrupts absorption of calcium (leading to osteoporosis)
13. Can produce rise in total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and decrease in good cholesterol
14. Feeds cancer cells
15. Weakens eye sight
16. Creates acidic digestive tract
17. Premature aging by increasing free radicals and oxidation stress
18. Can induce autoimmune disease
19. Increase estrogen in men – Intensify PMS in women
20. Can lower growth hormone (the fountain of youth hormones)


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