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Spring into shape

May is here and the snow has stopped (finally) Swim suite season is coming – its now time to get the shorts and tennis shoes out and EXERCISE..
People naturally start to become more active this time of year. We all feel more energized it seems because the days get longer and the weather is warmer.
We aren’t as inclined to go home from work sit on the couch and eat junk food as we watch TV all night. We naturally feel like being more active.
I encourage everyone to find an activity they enjoy such as biking, hiking, jogging, walking, golf, tennis, swimming, etc. Start out slow to get back into the groove of being active again. I also recommend performing supportive exercises such as core training in the gym. Everything we do needs to have core support. This is the center balance of the body such as you abs, oblique; lower back, hips, etc. It is crucial that this center point is strong and stable to avoid injury. The number one weakness I see in all my new clients is a weak core, which can lead to major injury if not corrected. Some exercises I suggest are abs crunches, leg raises, good mornings, stable balance work on a Bosu ball and general squats to name a few.
As you are exercising be aware not to over train in the first couple weeks of your chosen activity. You should not be sore more than 48 hours. If you exceed that then you have slightly damaged the muscle tissue in the body. So many people go gung ho at first and get hurt in the gym and in their sport of choice.
You need to be aware of water intake a well. As you exercise more and the weather gets warmer you need more and more water. Proper hydration is very important for health and performance. General amounts of water for a woman is 80 oz and for a man 100 oz per day. The more active you are the more water you need to drink.
Diet is very important to perform your best at your activity.
I recommend a balanced diet. 5 small meals per day work the best for energy and weight control. Try to avoid empty calories such as sugar foods. Sugar robs your long-term energy right out of your body. Beware of drinking your calories as well such as soda and juices. This does not sustain long-term energy either.
Low glycemic foods such as oatmeal, grain cereals, grain breads, wheat pasta, brown rice, and yams are great sources of long acting fuel for you activities.
Complete protein is important because it helps to rebuild broken down muscle that you have used that day. You must rebuild your muscles to come back stronger and stronger so you can perform better.
Fatty foods are very bad for performance because it steals energy out of your body because it’s hard to process and digest. Heavy oils and fried foods weigh down digestion and slows you down during your activity.
The point of this all is to do all you can to have fun and perform your absolute best.
It’s all about feeling good isn’t it….

Have a fun spring

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