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“Sugar That Kills”

Beth Amen came into my office in Castle Rock, Co back in January after reading an article I wrote about health and fitness. She was very unhealthy and miserable at that time. We sat and talked for an hour about what she had been going through since 1999 when she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She just had her son and was walking around at 250lbs. Beth was taking all kinds of medications to find a way to deal with this disease. Her doctor had her on Metformin then Avandia, and went as far as taking a drug called Byetta, that is made by venom from reptiles, which was obviously very extreme. Over the years the diabetes, along with the medications, was starting to shut down her kidneys. Beth was starting to get very desperate and depressed.
The day that we met in my office was a very scary and stressful day for Beth because she needed to tell someone how she was feeling and how desperate she was but she knew it must be done. She began to tell be how severe it really was. Her fasting glucose levels were over 200 (normal is 90). Her A1C count was 9.9 and normal is 5.5.
If she did not do something fast she was in big trouble. Beth told me that this was her ROCK BOTTOM and she would do anything to get better. This was music to my ears because when people are in this position in life true change can happen.
The last year and a half Beth has followed my nutrition and exercise plan to the best of her ability and has transformed her life. Her fasting blood sugar is now below 110, her A1C count is now at 5.5, and her Triglycerides have gone from 250 down to 112. She has literally saved her own life. She is no longer on any medications what so ever. She says, “Now my medications are eating right and exercising.” “I now am aware of the choices I make on a day to day basis.” “I now make exercise a regular part of my day, my routine, and it has become a habit.” “If I can do it, anyone can do it,” says Beth.

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