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I have been a nutrition coach for 22 years and I have been approached thousands of times about how to burn fat the fastest with foods. We are bombarded by media with a millions ways to get fit with the latest and greatest fad diet or pill.. I am here to set the record straight on the science of how the body works and why..
It all starts with understanding the cycle of the sun and our sleep cycle. We are created by nature to sleep at night and awake and move in the sunlight. Our bodies are made to move and function aggressively in the day time and recover and heal at night time. Therefore, we use food (fuel) for the need and function of the state our bodies are in according to time of day which is why I want you to envision the shape of a bell. The left side of a bell is low and somewhat flat lined. The shape of the bell rises sharply to the peak/height of the bell in the center with the shape dropping back down sharply to the bottom of the bell. The sun rises in the morning at the horizon and rises up to the peak of the day and goes back down at dusk to the low point until its dark, just as the shape of a bell. With this in mind its easy to understand that when we wake up in the morning our metabolism is slow and we need to amp it up to reach the height of the day with the sun at its highest. We need to know how to eat and what to eat according to the speed of our metabolism in conjunction to the height of the sun/time of day.
When we wake up we are in a fasting state because we have not consumed food for 10-12 hours so our blood sugar is very low. We need to amp up our metabolism as soon as possible with our digestion metabolism called Dietary Induced Thermogenesis (DIT). The best way is to eat a balance amount of protein such as eggs, low glycemic carbohydrate such as oatmeal and a fast acting carbohydrate such as fruit. This combination with fire up the metabolism at the same time giving your body long acting energy. 3 hours later you might want to have a protein shake (whey protein) with 12 almonds to slow the absorption of the protein.
As the sun moves to the peak of the day (Lunch)our metabolism to at its natural highest point. Because of this we can eat the most amount of calories. This is when we can eat rice, pasta, breads etc, along with protein such as chicken or fish. Our body can use these calories and carbohydrates to help fuel the body and our muscles without converting into fat.
As the sun starts to go back down our natural metabolism starts to slow down so we need to eat the foods that will aid in this natural decline. Mid afternoon you may want to have unsweetened greek yogurt and almonds maybe a piece of fruit as well if you have been physically active. After 4 pm we must not eat any carbohydrate at all except for veggies. So dinner at 6pm may be grilled fish, spinach salad and broccoli with almonds or olive oil dressing on the salad. If you are very hungry around 8pm you may want to eat low fat cottage cheese with a few almonds.. Do your best to not eat after 8pm because the metabolism is now going into a sedentary/sleep state and cannot metabolize foods at this point..
If you can understand this concept of the cycle of the sun and how we are scientifically made you can adjust your foods and get fit and healthy very quickly and for the rest of your life.

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