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I have been coaching clients for 20 years in nutrition and fitness and most people want to know how to have extreme weight loss. I have college degrees in both Kinesiology and Nutrition but did not understand the power of carbs until I prepped for my first national bodybuilding competition in 1999.
1999 I was 1.5% body fat, lost 60 lbs fat in 20 weeks and placed top 3 in the nation by learning the power of carbs and how they work. I would change how much carbs I would eat and what time of day I would eat them according to my muscle fullness, energy, strength and body temperature (yes body temperature). If we eat too much carbs and our body does not use it for energy our body will respond into fat gain and water retention so we need to understand that carbs can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I decided to get extreme with my experiment of carbs. I took my temp on day one which was normal at 98.6 degrees. I cut carbs out of my diet and only ate meats, veggies, and almonds for day 2, 3, 4 and took my temp each night. After day 2 my temp was dropping a half degree each day which means i was cooling internally. I dropped body water quickly and I was burning massive fat during my cardio sessions but I was getting cold, meaning my thermogenic state was starting to shut down. At day 4 my temp got down to 96.4 degrees which told me I was going to stop burning fat because I was too cold internally. At day five I ate like a horse, pizza, pasta, cookies, etc for 2 hours, we call it a cheat meal. That night my temp went up to 99 degrees which kicked in my thermogenic heat temp. By doing this I could actually burn more fat again in day 6 during my cardio workouts.. Wow what a discovery this was and changed my life and my clients…
Coming out of a fasting state of sleep our bodies need carbs such as oatmeal, whole grains, and fruit. Our metabolism naturally speeds up going to mid day with the peak of the sun in the sky such as noon to 2pm. During this time we can eat carbs such as rice, whole wheat pasta, and fruit. As the sun starts to go down our metabolism starts to go down as well which means we become sensitive to carbs. We must cut carbs out of our diet after 4 pm to make sure we don’t start to spill over into out fat stores. We need to eat meats, veggies, and fats ( nuts, olive oil). Don’t eat after 8pm. For extreme weight loss be aware of what you eat and when you eat it…

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