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Are you over weight? Are you fat? Are you obese? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be at risk of Type 2 Diabetes
In March, I was a featured speaker at the American Diabetes Association expo at the Denver convention center. In just one day being at this expo, over 500 people were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have been teaching and working in the health and fitness field for over 15 years and I have never been more shocked. I have read the reports and seen the stories on national news, but I seeing this with my own 2 eyes really changed my perspective. On that day, I told myself I have to do whatever I can to help Colorado and this country.
This disease can destroy your kidneys, your heart, your eye site, cause loss of limbs, and can kill you. Over 23.6 million people have diabetes. 95% of these people have type 2 diabetes. $174 Billion dollars is spent each year treating this disease. The thing that drives me crazy is most cases can be prevented because 57 million people have “pre-diabetes” which means they are on the border having the full on disease.
So, how does this happen to us? The leading cause of Type 2 diabetes is obesity. When an individual continues to have poor eating and exercise habits, the body can start to malfunction. Becoming over weight and then obese usually involves a high sugar and carbohydrate diet. When this is consumed the pancreas has to produce insulin to regulate your blood sugar. Insulin is needed to push the blood sugar, called glucose, into the muscle cells. This organ can ware down and not produce enough insulin or your body can build a resistance to insulin from encountering so much insulin over a period of time. When the glucose doesn’t get into the muscles, you start feeling very fatigued. The blood stream will now have too much glucose in it and will start to damage your organs and tissues. This can result in you having to inject insulin into your body many times per day for the rest of your life.
What is the solution? Well we have to look at the leading cause of this, which is obesity. You may look in the mirror and say, “well, I may not be super fit but I’m not obese”. If you are a man and over 25% fat or a woman and over 30% fat you are at serious risk and are considered clinically obese. Studies show that by the year 2012 70% of the United States will be obese. Our country is spiraling out of control. In fact, I recommend you come get checked right away. This is what I call awareness. You can’t ignore your health forever or you may wake up one morning and have a non-reversible disease.
I am going to take a moment to call out all those parents that have over weight kids, you know who you are. I know I may receive some hate mail because of this, but I do it because I care about people. The last few months I have been asking parents around town why they feed their kids food they know is bad for them—McDonald’s, Taco Bell, pizza, Mac n cheese, frozen fried foods, candy, etc.. I look around and see over weight parents feeding there over weight kids junk food that has no nutritional value. Then I sit around and watch you and your kids get fatter and fatter. One out of three children are obese and are pre-diabetic. Do you know that 50% of fat kids become fat teenagers, and 70% of fat teenagers become fat adults? Why would you do this to your kids? Don’t’ you love your kids? Why are you putting a lifetime curse on them? Are you that lazy, or that misinformed? I cant’ believe the things I see all around me. If you love your children and love yourself then stop killing them and yourself. What are you thinking? I know everyone is busy but you must take time and prioritize the health of the kids. Realize what you are doing. STOP THE MADNESS!!

Once we build awareness, the next step is to commit to change.
Please realize there is a big difference from wanting to change and committing to change. This is taking motivation into action. For example, tell your family that there will be no more fast food except for once a month as a treat or a prize. Do not make dessert an automatic thing after dinner. This too, should be a treat only. Have some sugar free pudding or Jello instead. I would also encourage all parents to get there kids involved in some kind of after school activity—Football, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, karate classes, etc. Something that keeps them active, not just sitting around playing the wii.
You must be committed to change your bad habits. Lets talk
Nutrition first. The number one concern is to ease off the need for insulin so the pancreas will be less stressed. Cut out all sugar and white flour for 4-6 weeks. Add complete protein into every meal and snack throughout the day. Adding good fats into your food plan will help regulate your blood sugar. Eating 5 small portion meals everyday will help keep your insulin under control. A good example breakfast is as follows: egg white omelet, 15-grain toast with natural peanut butter spread. Here’s a good example of lunch: grilled white fish, brown rice, veggies with olive oil dressing, Dinner could include: grilled chicken, salad, mixed green veggies, with olive oil dressing. Make sure to include a mid morning snack and a mid afternoon snack. Do not eat after 8pm. drink as much water as you can. Bottom line: NO SUGAR!!!!!
I want to challenge all of you out there to exercise 30 minutes per day for the next 30 days, no exceptions. Make sure you break a sweat every time you workout. Most people create a new habit of change at the 30-day point. Find a friend or family member to commit with you to make a change in your life. Ask yourself, “do I love myself and my family?” If either of these answers is “yes,” then make a change in your life. Don’t wait. Start today.
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God bless and remember to always –RISE ABOVE

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