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Hello, we would like to commend Kent Paul of KPaul Fitness on his professionalism and positive attitude in motivating us to a better, healthier and stronger life thru his fitness coaching, weight lifting training and personal training efforts.
My wife and I have been clients of Kent’s for over a year. Kent’s approach is a holistic approach in that he takes time to consider, discuss and engage all aspects of healthy living including diet, general health and well being, cardiovascular exercise, weight training and just the right amount of ‘mental coaching’.
In the course of a year I have increased my overall weight by 20 pounds with a 9% reduction in body fat, 15% increase in muscle mass, and 8 pounds of additional lean muscle. My wife, in that same year, has decreased her overall weight by 35 pounds with a 12% reduction in body fat and 8% increase in muscle mass
Kent focuses on setting and resetting goals and tracking an individual’s progress in meeting these goals. Our experience with Kent has been that our victories in meeting goals are a ‘shared victory’ in as much as Kent is as excited and proud as we are. At the end of the day – “Kent keeps you motivated and coming back for more!”.
We are looking forward to another year of sweat, struggles, goals and success.
Thanks Kent!

Tom and Lori S (Parker,CO)

“I listen to your show every week and I want to thank you for the amazing message of hope and recovery. You are changing lives Kent.”

Colby W (Parker, CO)

If you are stuck in a low place in life, all you have to do is watch Kent’s videos. I ran across one of his daily life coaching videos on my news feed, after listening I went right to his website to see more. I needed more of what he had to say and felt my heart and spirit beginning to lift. I signed up for his monthly subscription for my daily instructional tools. I cannot express my excitement enough. I am feeling my passion again!! Thank you Kent! This man is the most inspirational person. I have made a decision to just trust. He is incredible spiritually, and very strong emotionally – hard to not listen to someone who has kept an amazing body for years. So obviously, he knows! It takes a lot of discipline to maintain. I say 5 stars to his website! It’s more than awesome!

Joanie Lasasso (Denver, CO)

“I listened to My Recovery Radio tonight. The guest speaker was Sarah P. My heart broke for that 6 year old little girl; whose innocence was take in a second. Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. We must know the homes our children enter. The journey Sarah took from that moment on made me as a mother want to embrace her. May she trust God. May she know that she is more that her mistakes. Continue to speak her truth on the destruction of porn on the computer. Be victorious and not a victim. Fight for many children who may be entering those unsupervised homes. God bless.”

Toni B (West Palm Beach, FL)

“This show has been crucial for my emotional sobriety and overall recovery. Kent’s original shocking story has hooked me to listen every week for stories of hope and healing in my spirit. Thank you for your message of love.”

Jared L (Boca Raton, FL)

I listened to Julie Woodley’s interview tonight. I don’t even have any words. It touched me, profoundly. There are so many parallels in our stories and I know God used that to reach me. I recently started the process of healing relational trauma. If I ever want to be married, I’ve got to fix some things. I can’t overstate how profoundly “God sent” that message was. “Thank you.”

Jenny C (Worcester, MA)

“My 19 year old son called me today from rehab crying and shaking. He heard you on My Recovery Radio today and said he fell into prayer and accepted God and the path of recovery for the first time. Thank you, Kent for helping this mother’s dream come true.”

Pamela B

“My Recovery Radio is deep and cutting edge program that tackles the gruesome nature of addiction and looks at the beautiful gift of recovery. As a former guest on My Recovery Radio, I listen to the show to continually give my sobriety a fresh perspective. Kent Paul’s dynamic interviews and discussions, covering numerous topics has brought me to tears and also made be laugh out loud.”

Matt W (Boca Raton, FL)

“Thank you for being so raw and transparent with sharing your personal journey of darkness and recovery. You have the most genuine voice on the radio that I have ever heard. Keep up the good work

Amy H (Denver,CO)

When I see my before and after change in that picture, it still doesn’t seem real to me! it seams like something that would happen to someone else, not me, yet, it IS me!

You and your “team” have helped transform me from a Worrier to a Warrior. Don’t think my kids refer to you as “Kent Paul the superhero” for nothing:) They have seen me change right before their eyes! Inside and Out 😉 They know how huge a difference you have made in my life. YOU are the celebrity to them. Yet you make me feel like a celebrity:) How cool is that?

Thanks for continuing to support me and encourage me…. and most important – for always helping me to feel that connection. You see, when a person is at rock bottom, I am not sure they can think clearly enough to do it on their own, you know what I mean? – I know you do:) – they need that support and “team” of people to help to dig them out of that “dark hole”, so to speak. And once they reach the top, that support is necessary to stay on top of things! Your team has become an integral part of my life. I know I can continue on this path with on-going support. There will always be bumps and curves, yes, but with my new strength/support, I say bring ’em on baby!

Beth A (Denver,CO)

I am so indebted to you…I do realize I probably need professional help for my suicidal tendencies…though I won’t be seeking it out…I want you to know, I appreciate you and your positive encouragement you give on a daily basis…I should be paying you for this even though I have no money..I am 9 days sober from extensive long term heavy amphetamine use. I don’t think I would be this far away from it if you weren’t doing these videos. It has been a very much needed and relied upon salve for my broken heart…I have been on the verge of ending my life on multiple occasions over the last 9 days, addiction sucks and depression is so hard to get over. Your videos inspire me and remind me that besides my young daughter I have many things to be positive about.

Jeff H. (Houston,TX)

“Our patients want to thank Kent for his story of hope and recovery. They are still raving that he is the best speaker they have ever heard. Keep up the good work”

Seaside Palm Beach Luxury Treatment Center Staff (Palm Beach, FL)

Very educational and inspirational training session! I’m looking forward to continuing the work with you. I’m no stranger to the gym and have developed some bad habits and practices… I was amazed by how much I learned about form function mechanics and mind/muscle focus… My fitness program perspective really shifted after training with you and I feel totally motivated to work harder

Tim Wrighte (Boca Raton, FL)

“Training with Kent Paul is pure motivation! His knowledge of the human body and his ability to customize a training and nutrition program for me helped me attain results I had only dreamed of before! Kent asked me to put aside my excuses and get to work, and the goals I achieved as a result were well worth the sacrifice!”

Bobbi C (Parker.CO)

I met Kent through a referral of a friend and decided to work with him to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. Throughout my training with Kent, I never had to second guess my weight training or my diet plan. He knew exactly what needed to be done to get me in the best conditioning of my life. He was helpful in answering my questions and explaining why and what was best for my training needs. Kent was not only supportive with my training but was always a source of encouragement and motivation. Thanks to Kent I was able to win my title as the ’07 middleweight Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding champion.

I hope this helps, it’s the least I could do you have helped me so much! Thank you!

Megan I (Greeley,CO)

Hi Kent! I’m loving your show! It’s been so inspiring and awesome to listen to all the podcasts. I’ve been going to recovery meetings every day since you recommended it on the show. I have a sponsor and I’m doing the work. I really appreciate the guidance you gave me to help me get to that first meeting. Just wanted to give you a shout out. Keep up the good work you are doing on the radio show. God bless you my friend.

Karen D (Highlands Ranch, CO)

My Recovery Radio has taken me and its listeners by surprise!!! It is REAL, it is RAW and it is jam packed full of Truth, LOVE and HOPE! The audience that this program reaches is so broad and so far reaching. This show is a life changer! Kent Paul, thank you for your commitment, your passion, your dedication, and mostly, thank you for having the COURAGE to say “yes” when the Lord called you to do this!

JoAnn Jackson (Boca Raton, FL)

Kent Paul is very courageous – diving into topics so authentic and raw that are not often talked about and so leading edge in the recovery community. I believe this will cause a wave of change in the way people understand all addictions and how multifaceted they really are…and, most importantly, that God is the way out. I’m so grateful that I can listen to your show when I’m not willing to go to meetings and my codependency in that relationship has almost killed me and that is the root of the problem and only God can help me if I let him and surrender. I’m grateful for you and your show of recovery who are there for me always. Listening late at night has probably saved my life because I know that God is the only answer and I have to trust my gut (Holy Spirit) and then I will not self destruct because even if I feel so alone, I listened to your show and I know that I was just believing a lie and I never am never alone. I can’t wait to see this show on five days a week very soon!

Marie B (Boca Raton, FL)

Job changes and relocation at age 55 caused me to abandon my exercise program, and at age 60 I realized I had done little to maintain my health over the last 5 years. Luckily, I was referred to Kent Paul who designed a simple, straight-forward weight training, cardio training, and dietary plan that I could follow. In eight weeks of training I lost 39.7 pounds of body fat and gained 16.3 pounds of lean muscle mass. The amazing thing is I accomplished all this without one bit of soreness. Had I applied a little more discipline to the regimen, I am confident my improvements would have been even better. No aspect of his personally designed program was difficult. A simple commitment to improve your condition in life is all that is required. Kent is a great coach and counselor. You are never too old to improve your health.

Hunter R (Denver, CO)

Kent, it was a great blessing being on the show tonight. Thank you for the great job you are doing bringing hope and real life answers for suffering addicts. The passion, focus and purpose of your guests and you, GUYS WHO ARE IN THE TRENCHES, working day in and day out with addicts, changing and saving lives, is an inspiration to me! Keep up the great work brother. IT MATTERS!

Jack Levine (Orlando, FL)

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Additional Testimonials and Kent Paul's TV Appearances seen here.

My name is Delaina Allen. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia at age 40. On a daily basis, I take a lot of prescription drugs to slow down the progression of the RA and for pain management, including chemotherapy. At one point, I could barely walk, I had lost upper range of motion of my upper body and I was in horrendous pain. I was unable to take care of things that we take for granted, things as simple as showering and dressing myself. I began to search for some form of exercise to help me regain mobility, become “normal” again, and I did not want to be judged for my physical issues. Kent and I decided to train together and take each day one at time for my well-being. It has been a challenging experience and a very rewarding experience that I have earned over the last 13 months of my life with Kent’s coaching and training. I eventually crossed over to competitive body building, which is something I never thought I could do, even when I was functioning like a “normal” person Pre-RA. Competitive body building isn’t for everyone, but good quality of life is, and Kent is very good at accommodating to his clients goals and needs. I believe in his program because I found following his program exactly how he developed it does produce winning results. Working with Kent, training for a contest, and actually competing against people who don’t have physical issues helped me build my confidence, over come fears, focus on something positive, and I am now in the best physical condition I have ever been in. I believe in Kent’s program because I found, following his program exactly how he developed it, does produce winning results. It helped me train for a body building competition and also helped me to build my confidence, overcome fears, focus on something positive, and I am now in the best physical condition I have ever been in!

Delaina A (Lakewood, CO)

Although I was unable to complete the entire program due to some personal matters, I am so grateful to have learned some amazing tools directly from you and your system. I have absolutely maintained my 20 pound weight loss and having started a new effort to lose the next 20. I have no doubt that following the very easy plan you designed for me that I will be successful. I have been on literally every diet known to man several times each, but the tips I learned from you made the difference.

Tricia Taylor (Castle Rock,CO)

Turning 40 was my big tada moment! Wow! I couldn’t believe how time flew. For most of us time flies and we forget about ourselves.
I am a Pilates and yoga instructor. I was teaching 15 classes a week and had hit a plateau and turning forty didn’t help. I was a busy lady, raising two teenagers, a 4 year old, a wife to a traveling husband and helping others with their fitness goals. I was doing a million and one things, constantly but what really bothered me was the fact that I was teaching 15 classes a week and not losing any weight or gaining any weight either.
I met Kent Paul at a local fitness club; inclusively for women. We became instant friends and he was so easy to talk to. No judgments, only kind, caring words with a tone; I still remember and resonates inspiration of “at any level, weight, gender or age” he could help get the results I wanted. It was as simple as that!
His first question to me was how is your diet? Diet, what diet? I am forty years old and have never been on a healthy eating plan. Really, you’re putting me on a diet? I had always been thin, ate like a horse and never thought my eating habits were the culprit. We both laughed for different reasons. Second he asked me about how often do you weight train?
Then he took my body compassion and the next thing that came out to his mouth, was so unbelievable! How would you like to lose weight while you sleep? Sign me up right now! This plan is for me and it was incredible. The results were amazing, there were quick and the best thing I kept it off! What he taught me is more valuable than gold!
Kent Paul is truly gifted at what he does, not only did I experience it first hand, but I work closely with him. Working with him was a unique experience. He offered quality, professionalism, and results! Kent proved to be passionate about training all of his clients! I have worked in many fitness gyms and have seen all walks of trainers. Nothing compares to Kent Paul he is beyond anyone I have ever encountered. Kent is exceptionally skillful, remarkable and impressive.
He will always be magnificent!
Kent thank you for your friendship and the experience, peace, health and fitness,

Irene Speirs (Denver,CO)

“Kent Paul’s Fitness Program has been an extremely valuable to me. I have lost nearly 20 lbs within 45 days. Having been a fitness person and an active person all of my adult life, I was not sure what else I could learn that would make a difference. I was amazed by both the instruction of how and what to eat, coupled with a fitness program that makes sense for me. Kent’s real value to someone, who is willing and open to learning, is not only his knowledge of the whole person (regarding physical fitness) but the simple fact he really cares about his clients. There is a deep and sincere desire to help and motivate everyone he works with. I strongly recommend Kent and his Fitness Program.”

Brian W (Alcapulco, MX)

Kent Paul’s program is phenomenal. He has helped me achieve dreams that never would have been possible.”
“I have never looked in the mirror and thought “WOW” until I discovered Kent Paul’s program. It is fun and amazingly rewarding.”

Aaryn G (Castle Rock, CO)

I started with Kent in November and reached my goal in a few months. Although I was already exercising routinely and I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, Kent‘s program really kicked it up a notch! I would highly recommend to anyone to follow Kent’s program. Kent ,quite honestly, has changed the way I approach every day and every meal! I think by learning what he has taught me I will never have to struggle with my weight again! I am SUPER pleased with Kent Paul and his services.

Jane Eudaley (Palmer Lake, CO)

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