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The party is coming and I don’t want to mess up my fitness plan but I want to indulge in the fun and eat, Kent, what do I do?

I have heard that question so many times in my 22 year professional career. Most people would say, “Nope, cant be done”. But I say it can be done. The key is to deplete the body of stored carbohydrates called glycogen. When we eat carbs (pasta, bread, rice, fruit, sugar etc) our body uses it as energy in our blood stream called “blood sugar”. But our body doesn’t need that much to energize the body so we end up eating more than needed and it flows into our muscles and holds the reserves there to help our muscles flex and move our body. This stored energy is called “glycogen”. So if we remove carbs for 3 days before the party and keep exercising, our bodies reserves will become depleted and need to be refilled. Well, here comes the “party” where we can eat whatever we want for 60 minutes. Our body needs to get refilled and will suck in most the sugar anc carbs into the blood stream and the muscles to replenish the glycogen stores for our muscles but stop the feast at 60 minutes to avoid a complete spill over which will go into our fat stores which we don’t want. .

Cut carbs and then enjoy..

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